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From Box & Country Lot Sale #F614 - No Buyer's Premium - Paradise Valley Stamp Company - October 22, 2021

Lot 4174 - ETHIOPIA, 1944, MENELIK II VARIETIES AND COVER EXHIBITION COLLECTION NH, #263-267 vars, beautifully organized and detailed collection on annotated pages with enlarged images to show plate varieties, starting with first day cancel set in blocks. 5c varieties: pos 1 broken roof, pos 2 break bottom right side of door, pos 3 broken roof under L, pos 15 broken 5 var, pos 19 broken line in center door line, pos 20 spot under left pillar, pos 23 broken roof line, pos 24 broken rail left of door, light green color trial. 10c vars: pos 2 broken right shoulder, pos 25 broken frame line under "P", pos 6 spur on left of neck, pos 8 broken scroll, pos 11 leaf break in blue color trial block of 9, bright rose strip of 5, carmine var, imperf strip of three. 20c vars: pos 2 broken Amharic character, pos 8 "half moon" var both perf and imperf, pos 25 scroll breaks, imperf strip of three black color trial. 50c vars: pos 4 broken upper left ornament, pos 14 broken "I" in Addis appears as "i", pos 24 dot in upper left ornament, 65c vars: pos 2 gash in shoulder, pos 11 broken flower on right, pos 25 broken scroll, imperf strip of three blue color trial and reddish brown trial. Covers including rare set on FDC commercial mail by F. L. Aga stamp dealer. FDC prepared by F.L Aga for New York stamp dealer K. Fatoullah flown to NY, arriving in Miami where they were censored before being sent to NY. Set is unusual because it has two official first day of issues, FDC for January 1, 1945 with blue Dire Daoua postmark. Post WWII mail: 10c pair Dec 30 1946 cover to New York. 5c and 65c on flight cover to London with Cairo censorship. 50c and nos. 251 and 256 on airmail cover to Switzerland with Egyptian censorship. Onward Air Transmission Jan 16 1946 cover from Addis Ababa to USA franked 50c pair flown from B.O.A.C plane. Fresh and fine-very fine.....$2,000 Currently US$ 2,000

Paradise Valley Stamp Company