1. The opening bid is the minimum amount for which the lot can be sold.

2. Orders must be sent by mail for processing. They may be initially placed by phone, fax, or e-mail, but must be confirmed in writing by letter.

3. The purchase price payable by the purchaser will be the sum of the hammer price, a 20 percent charge for additional costs, and the shipping charges and/or insurance fees. The delivery of sold items will generally be invoiced INCLUDING VAT, regardless of the purchaser’s condition or location, in accordance with the Special Regime for used goods, works of art, antiques, and collectible items.

4. Payment will be made upon receipt of an invoice. If payment is not satisfied in full within the established 30-day deadline, FILATELIA LLACH S.L. reserves the right to cancel the sale and resell the lots and/or issue legal proceedings against the purchaser for damages for breach of contract and for the recovery of the amount due. FILATELIA LLACH S.L. will charge 1 percent interest on any outstanding balance to the purchaser’s account at the end of each month, in addition to any costs associated with recovery of outstanding debt.

5. All our stamps are guaranteed 100% genuine. Any claim must be made within 15 days of the date of the auction. Upon request, FILATELIA LLACH S.L. will provide a Certificate of Authenticity at purchaser’s expense.

6. In the event two identical bids are received on one lot, the bidder that bid first will win the lot. If a lot receives only one bid, it will be sold at the opening bid price. If a lot receives two bids, it will be sold as follows in this example: the starting price for a lot is 1000 euros. You place a bid of 1500 euros on the lot and the highest bid before you bidded was of 1100 euros. The lot will be sold to you for 1150 euros.

7. Bids must be made in EUROS. Bids placed in any other currency will be converted into EUROS using the exchange rate on the day of receipt of order. Payments made in any other currency will be converted into EUROS using the official exchange rate quoted by the bank on that date. We will notify you if, due to the currency conversion, payment amount differs from invoice amount.

8. Numbering system used: Spain and former Spanish colonies: Edifil stamp catalogue. Foreign countries: Yvert et Tellier, Scott, and Michel stamp catalogues.

9. We kindly request non-regular customers to send us their business and bank information when placing orders.

10. All bids that do not conform to the bidding chart posted on this site will be automatically reduced to the previous bid.

11. Until payment has been cleared and received in full, including payments by cheque or other instruments, all lots remain the property of the Seller.

12. FILATELIA LLACH S.L. reserves the right to group two or more auction lots and to withdraw any lot from the sale at its discretion.

13. The Auctioneer will regulate all bidding and, in the event of a dispute between bidders, will have the right to determine the successful bidder. The Auctioneer’s final decision shall be conclusive.

14. Acceptable forms of payment are: cheque, bank transfer, cash on delivery, money order, and credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, AMEX). When paying with credit card, we ask you to provide your credit card number, expiration date, and security code (3 last digits at the back of your card).


1) Cash on Delivery

2) Cheque payable to: FILATELIA LLACH S.L. BARCELONA (Spain). An additional charge of 3 euros will be added to the amount payable to cover bank charges for amounts lower than 150 euros, except remittances from Spain. payable to:
Diagonal 489 – 08029 BARCELONA

3) Money Order payable to:
Diagonal 489 – 08029 BARCELONA

4) Bank transfers to:
Cta. 0081/0105/13/0002554665
Cta. 2100/0918/24/0200215105

We ask you to provide your credit card number, expiration date, and security code (3 last digits at the back of your card).