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WORLDWIDE continued...

SPAIN (Featuring Civil War Issues) continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
941 og B64-73 Image#B64-73, 1927 Silver Jubilee surcharges on colonial issues cplt., o.g., l.h. or small h.r., fine-very fine set (Edifi #392-401; €800). (Image) $475.00

SOLD for $210.00
Will close during Public Auction
942 nh B108K, B108L Image#B108K, B108L, 1938 4P Honoring the Army and Navy souvenir sheets, perf. and imperf., o.g., n.h., both fresh and very fine (Edifil #849-50; €372). (imagea) (Image) 292.00

SOLD for $110.00
Will close during Public Auction
943 nh B108O-P Image#B108O-P, 1938 30c and 50c Battle of Lepanto souvenir sheets imperforate cplt., o.g., n.h., 30c with a small natural pre-printing paper wrinkle at bottom left, otherwise very fine (Edifil #864-65; €1,680). (Image) $1,300.00

SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction
944 nh C97b Image#C97b, 1938 1P U.S. Constitution surcharged "Aereo + 5Pts" inverted, wonderfully fresh and especially well centered, o.g., n.h., extremely fine; signed Galvez and accompanied by 2010 Soro certificate (Edifil #765hi; €475 for hinged). (Image) for hinged $350.00

SOLD for $190.00
Will close during Public Auction
945 og C97b Image#C97b, 1938 1P U.S. Constitution surcharged "Aereo + 5Pts" inverted, o.g., l.h., fresh and very fine; signed Kessler and Sanabria (Edifil #765hi; €475). (Image) $350.00

SOLD for $130.00
Will close during Public Auction
946 nh C97c Image#C97c, 1938 1P U.S. Constitution souvenir sheet surcharged "Aereo + 5Pts", serial #2577, o.g., n.h., light vertical crease, very fine appearance (Edifil #766; €2,800). (Image) $6,000.00

SOLD for $800.00
Will close during Public Auction
947 nh CB6 Image#CB6, 1938 "AEREO + 5 Pts." surcharge on 45c+2P Defenders of Madrid, fresh and well centered, o.g., n.h., extremely fine (Edifil #759; €945). (Image) $525.00

SOLD for $700.00
Will close during Public Auction
948 nh CB8-17 Image#CB8-17, 1940 25c+5c to 10P+4P Centenary of the Pillar Virgin cplt., post office fresh and well centered, o.g., n.h., very fine set (Edifil #904-13; €770). (Image) $315.00

SOLD for $220.00
Will close during Public Auction
949 nh CB18 Image#CB18, 1951 25P + 10P Visit of General Franco to the Canary Islands overprint, excellent centering, o.g., n.h., very fine Edifil #1090; €1,030). (Image) $600.00

SOLD for $260.00
Will close during Public Auction
950 nh CB18 Image#CB18, 1951 25P + 10P Visit of General Franco to the Canary Islands overprint, with control number on back, unusually well centered for this, o.g., n.h., very fine (Edifil #1090; €1,030). (Image) $600.00

SOLD for $240.00
Will close during Public Auction
951 nh Edifil NE46-55 ImageEdifil #NE46-55, 1939 5c-1.25P Campana issue cplt., 40c Grey-green with impression of 40c rose and split inverted impression of 40c Grey-green on gummed side (#NE49era), o.g., n.h., 90c creased, otherwise fine-very fine set. (Image) €470

SOLD for $160.00
Will close during Public Auction
952 og/nh   Spain better items balance, sixteen items from the 1930s, be they singles, sets or souvenir sheets, including 1930 1P and 4P Goya air mail die proofs, two sets of 1930 Railway Congress air mails, one l.h. and the other n.h., 1938 U.S. Constitution imperforate pair l.h. and horizontal pair imperforate vertically n.h., two n.h. examples of 1938 7th Anniversary of Republic air mail, 1938 Militia regummed with certificate, two n.h. 1938 imperf. souvenir sheets of four and more, o.g., l.h. or n.h., fine-very fine. Est. $400-500

SOLD for $1,150.00
Will close during Public Auction
953 P   Spain postal bulletins collection of 276 different issues from 1955 to 1963 comprised of numbers 1-5, 8-259, 264-67, 296-97, 299 and 302, each with a black offset proof affixed at top and detailed background information about the stamp, these bulletins, referred to a "Diptico completo" in Edifil are mostly cataloged at €85 each for a total catalog value of €23,460, though a few are higher, very fine. Est. $2,000-3,000

Will close during Public Auction
954 ogO   Spain revenues accumulation of several collections on various album pages and stockpages, a couple being quite comprehensive, including 19th and 20th century issues as well as Civil War period issues from various districts, there many hundreds of stamps here and surprisingly little duplication so this could be remounted into a fine collection. Est. $400-500

SOLD for $600.00
Will close during Public Auction
955 c   ImageEdifil Burgos #18A, 1936 "GOBIERNO NATIONAL DE/BURGOS/CORREO AEREO/HABILITADO/Ptas. 1'50" red local patriotic overprint on grey-black fiscal incredible collection of 454 covers, many franked with multiples of stamps and their seven varieties, only one of which are listed in Edifil, #18Ahe showing the composition error with "G" of "GOBIERNO" inverted and without the second "E" in "AEREO", plus #18Ahh the double overprint error, however there are six other major varieties which should be, but are not, listed by Edifil, plus a number of major errors and some with the overprint on the selvage, which are also unlisted (See Dennis Florence's original plating research and quantities of each believed to exist listed below), all covers are cancelled by "Las Palmas, Canarias/12 Sep 36" datestamp, addressed to Seville or unaddressed (unaddressed covers come from the same mail bag as addressed covers) and all bear the 14 September Seville backstamp, noteworthy are the over 30 stamps with double overprints ranging from single frankings to blocks of four, four covers with stamps with double overprint, one inverted, plus eight stamps printed in the selvage on four covers, which were accepted as postage; these covers, even those which are unaddressed, were flown from Las Palmas to Seville likely on LAPE emergency service to the mainland, also includes is Mr. Florence's blown-up photos, platings and other background information; by far and away the largest holding of these covers in existence as only a total of 1,200 stamps are believed to have been issued, and an ideal basis from which to form an exhibit. (imagea) (imageb) (imagec) (imaged) (imagee) (imagef) (imageg) (imageh) (imagei) (imagej) (Image) Est. $7,500-10,000

SOLD for $5,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
956 og/nhc   ImageCanary Islands Spanish Civil War issues specialized stamp and cover collection, a remarkable assemblage of hundreds of stamps and covers mounted and annotated on pages in a binder, the stamps are highly complete and include many multiples, major and minor errors and varieties, including inverted overprints, double overprints, displaced overprints and the like, most of which are signed by Roig, Garcia, Alcalde, Kessler, Sanabria or other noted experts, among the over 75 covers are, complete sets, many error usages and a number of significant rarities, overall quite clean and largely fine-very fine; an impressive and valuable collection which would be a challenge to duplicate. (imagea) (imageb) (imagec) (imaged) (imagee) (imagef) (imageg) (Image) Est. $5,000-7,500

SOLD for $5,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
957 og/nhc   ImageSpanish Civil War Nationalist local issues stamp and cover massive collection of many thousands of compulsory postal tax stamps and covers mounted on quadrille pages and housed in four bulging albums, the collection is arranged in alphabetical order by town and the stamps are identified by Galvez numbers and are mostly mint and remarkably complete, including singles, sets, souvenir sheets, multiples and sheets, in addition the collection is loaded with many varieties, imperforates, errors, some proofs and a considerable amount of unlisted material, the hundreds of covers comprise an extensive collection of censor handstamps identified by Heller numbers and include many unlisted by Heller and some better frankings by postal fiscals and locals, the collection is replete with $50.00 to $500.00 items and the overall condition is much nicer than what is typically found; a monumental collection and certainly the largest and finest we have had the pleasure to offer. (imagea) (imageb) (imagec) (imaged) (imagee) (imagef) (Image) Est. $15,000-20,000

SOLD for $11,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
958 og/nhc   Spanish Civil War Nationalist local patriotic overprints highly complete mint specialized collection including covers, an amazing collection of thousands of items mounted on pages and identified by Edifil numbers in an album, includes singles with an amazing number of errors such as double and inverted overprints and varieties, numerous complete sets, blocks of four and other multiples, souvenir sheets and many covers, with nearly all the better items expertized by noted authorities or with photo certificates, the collection starts with Antequera including Edifil #1-18 and continues with Azuaga 1-4, Badajoz 8-22, Barcelona 1-9, strong Burgos including souvenir sheets with errors, Caceres 1-4, Euskadi 1-5 in blocks of four, Huelva 1-18, La Carolina 1-12 on four covers and 1-12hi triptychs, La Coruna 18-20, La Linea de la Concepcion 1-15, Madrid 1-25, 71-72, Menorca 1-2 panes of twelve, Orense 5As-16As, 19-32, 23s-28s, 22As-25As, Pontevedra 28-30, Salamanca 12hcc-14hi, 13/22, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1-7, NE1-4 and NE6 on one cover, 36-44, Santander 1-16, NE1-2, 17-25 and many more, this, however is just the tip of the ice berg as there are hundreds of errors and varieties throughout with catalog values from €25 to €250 or more, in addition to the numerous interesting covers that enhance the collection, the overall quality is very nice with a great many n.h. stamps and sets to be found; a very desirable collection with high catalog value that is a pleasure to view. Est. $15,000-20,000

SOLD for $13,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
959 c   ImagePostal fiscals used on cover impressive collection of 94 Nationalist covers on stockpages in a binder showing a wide variety of different frankings, origins and destinations, many registered and many with military censor handstamps, all marked with realistic retail prices ranging from $20.00 to $1,000.00, with most over $100.00, mainly very fine; a nice basis for a further expansion, with marked prices totaling $20,500. (Image) Est. $4,000-5,000

SOLD for $3,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
960 c   ImagePostal fiscals used on cover collection of 60 items, all are Nationalist usages from Granada and its environs, most with additional obligatory tax local Granada issue and nearly all bear a circular military censor handstamps, wide range of revenue issues, a very fine and attractive lot. (Image) Est. $750-1,000

SOLD for $725.00
Will close during Public Auction

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