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British Parliamentary Post and Early Colonial Period continued...

Pennsylvania continued...
Lot Sym. Lot Description  
2695 c image(Barbados to Philadelphia, 1715) Privately-Carried Ship Letter. Folded cover from Barbados to John Dickinson in Philadelphia, sender's routing "p Capt. Fr. Merseer", receipt docketing "Barbadoes, Abell Tuder Letter Recd p Fran: Mercer, May: 16: 1715", carried privately, no postal markings, lightly toned, Fine, scarce Colonial usage, see lot 2609-2610 for biographic note re Dickinson (Image) E. 300-400

SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction
2696 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1739) Inbound Prepaid Ship Letter. Folded cover from England to John Reynell in Philadelphia with sender's instructions "To be put on board the Elizabeth -- Stevenson Lying in the Downes", red manuscript "P 1/" rate, "PD" in circle handstamp, matching "15/AV" Bishop's mark on back, receipt docketing "From Capt. James Allan, Recd. 2nd Novembr. 1739 p the Elize. Capt. Stevenson", age stains, still presentable (Image) E. 200-300

SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction
2697 c (Philadelphia Pa., 1734-86) Ship Letters to England. Important group of 19 folded covers from Philadelphia to London, comprising 1734 and 1748 to Pennsylvania Coffee House with 5p rates, 1744 "SHIPP" straightline, three 1748 incl. "Phi. paid 3dwt8" manuscript postmark (repaired) and "DERRY" straightline, 1749 (one via Dublin and another via Waterford), 1750 "CORK" straightline and Crown handstamp (scarce), 1752, three 1753 (incl. one Crown handstamp), 1760, two 1772 to London with "WATERFORD" and "DOVER/SHIP LRE" straightlines, 1785 with "SHIP LRE/BRISTOL 123" handstamp, two others without dates, minor toning and faults, but a very presentable group, offered intact but several of these covers are worth $750 to $1,000 each E. 5,000-7,500

SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
2698 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1745) "Phi. paid 3dwt:8". Manuscript postmark and rate on folded cover to William Logan and James Pemberton "At Georgia, To the care of Stephen Bedon junr. mercht. in Frederica Georgia", forwarder's notation "Charlestown 12 Novr. 1745, Recd. this day & forwarded by, Your Humb. Serv. Steph Bedon Junr.", receipt docketing "Israel Pemberton, Philadelphia, 8 mo 17 1745, to James Pemberton and William Logan, Charlestown S.C., Frederica G.", slightly discolored tissue reinforcing along folds (can be reversed), soiled, otherwise Fine, extremely early Philadelphia postmark, Siskin referred to his May 1753 cover with "Phi" postmark as "one of the earliest" -- this precedes it by nearly eight years and is a very rare southbound usage with forwarder's notation (Image) E. 750-1,000

SOLD for $4,750.00
Will close during Public Auction
2699 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1746) "COCKER/MOUTH" (England). Two-line handstamp on folded cover to Israel Pemberton in Philadelphia, manuscript "poast payd to London 4d" and another manuscript rate at top right "ppd 4" (or possibly "N" for shilling), brownish-black "PD" in circle handstamp on front and "18/NO" (Nov. 18) Bishop's mark on back, receipt docketing "London 18d 6moth 1746 From Benjamin Holme" indicates Jun. 18 origin date -- the five-month lapse before the London Bishop's mark was applied is enigmatic -- some faint toning, Fine (Image) E. 300-400

SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction
2700 c image(Unknown Post Office, 1753) "4d/1d". Ms. rate on folded cover to John Reynell in Philadelphia, sender's talisman "These Present", receipt docketing "From Nathaniel Donnell, Rece'd 11 mo 30 1753 p Post", slight toning, otherwise Fine, no origin indicated, Nathaniel Donnell was the master of the Ship Mary and at this time was involved with Reynell's business in Antigua, his tombstone is located in York, Maine, and is pictured at http://gravematter.smugmug.com/gallery/1792003/1/89229352/M edium (Image) E. 400-500

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction
2701 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1755) Privately-Carried Letter to Charleston S.C. Folded cover to Israel Pemberton in care of John Sinclair in Charleston S.C., receipt docketing "Mary Pemberton, Philadelphia, 1 mo 14 1755 to Israel Pemberton, Charleston", carried outside the mails, tissue repairs (small piece shows on address panel), still Very Fine (Image) E. 150-200

SOLD for $100.00
Will close during Public Auction
2702 c image(Bermuda to Philadelphia, 1756) Forwarder's Marking. "Bermuda 23d Octr. 1756, Forwarded by Sir, Your most Hum. Servt. Jono. Burch" forwarder's notation on back of folded cover to John Reynell in Philadelphia, Very Fine, scarce Colonial cover from Bermuda (Image) E. 300-400

SOLD for $2,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
2703 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1765) "Phi 2". Red manuscript postmark and 2dwt rate on folded cover to Charles Norris in Elizabethtown N.J., Oct. 4, 1765 receipt docketing, small edge tear at top, Very Fine (Image) E. 300-400

SOLD for $250.00
Will close during Public Auction
2704 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1768) "PHILA/DELPHIA". Red two-line handstamp across back of folded cover to Joseph Pemberton in West River Md., red manuscript "Way 2.16" rate and manuscript "Postage 1/2" due in local currency (2dwt16gr=8p x 1.67 inflation factor=14p, or 1sh2p without carrier fee), receipt docketing "Philada. 8th: 10: mo 1768 from father Israel Pemberton", Very Fine scarce way usage, the use of the word "Postage" in Colonial-era postmarks is very unusual (Image) E. 400-500

SOLD for $2,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
2705 c image(Philadelphia Pa., 1768-74) "PHILA/DELPHIA". Red two-line handstamp struck on ten folded covers to West River Md. (June and Sep. 1768, May and June 1769), Perth Amboy N.J. (undated), New York City (three dated May and June 1771), Newport R.I. (Oct. 1774) and another Oct. 1774 to New York City and forwarded outside mails to Rhode Island, various Franklin marks and rates, mostly clear strikes on back as usual, minor faults and toning, still a Fine and very presentable group of covers with this Colonial-period straightline (Image) E. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $900.00
Will close during Public Auction

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