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United States Possessions continued...

Hawaii - Misc. Documents, Correspondence and Ephemera continued...
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
2162       imageHawaii, (Spanish American War) 1899, 2¢ rose. Tied by "Honolulu. H.I., Aug 7, 1899" duplex on cover endorsed "Soldiers Mail, J.M. Graham, 1st Lieut. 19th. Inf." to father General Wm. M. Graham, Brooklyn N.Y., original letter accompanies detailing his travels, shipboard duties, stowaways, deserters, etc. "…In coming into Honolulu Honolulu we passed the Tartar just leaving with Hdqtrs. & two battalions of 19th on board. This morning the Newport left here with the other two companies of this battalion. I was officer of the day on coming in and had a thunder of a job keeping all hands on aboard…went out to Diamond Head in a horse car and saw some of this native small unobtrusive fault bathing where they use the board. On the way back we saw the Palace but did not go in…The Hawaiian band was down and plated all the latest two steps. The have about thirty pieces and are fine…Expect to arrive Manilla 25th or 26th…", a Very Fine Spanish-American war soldier letter.
Estimate; $300 - 400. (Image1)
Est. $300-400
SOLD for $950.00
Will close during Public Auction
2163       imageHawaii, (Transportation) Volcano Stables & Transportation Co., Ltd. Transportation voucher for "One Package Not Exceeding 10 Pounds"; light crease and small edge nick, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate; $200 - 300. (Image1)
Est. $200-300
SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction
2164   imageHawaii, U.S.S. Pensacola Calling Card. Printed card (1875 Honolulu, 5½x3½") for dancing to Rear Admiral Almy, Captain Gherardi, and the officers of the "Pensacola", Very Fine.
Estimate; $100 - 150. (Image1)
Est. $100-150
Will close during Public Auction
Hawaii - Regular Issues
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
2165 ()    7 imageHawaii, 1857, 5¢ manuscript surcharge on 13¢ dark red. Type I (Clark) Numeral, unused (no gum), margins to touching framelines at sides, rich color, Very Fine, signed Small "W.H.C." backstamp (Warren H. Colson), with 2018 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 7; $7,000.


The 5¢ provisional surcharge was necessary due to a shortage of 5¢ stamps just after the transition from Postmaster Whitney to Jackson. Most were made by Jackson's clerk, Alvah Clark, around the start of 1857. New supplies of the 5¢ stamp (Scott No. 8) were received at the end of June 1857.
Scott $7,000

SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
2166     10 imageHawaii, 1868, 5¢ blue, re-issue. Complete sheet of 20, full o.g., stamps never hinged; overall toning, F.-V.F.
Scott No. 10; $630. (Image1)
Scott $630

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction
2167 S    10SA imageHawaii, 1868, 5¢ blue, re-issue, overprinted "Specimen". Complete sheet of 20, strong color with position 2 showing the line through Honolulu variety; some thin spots and two hinge stains, F.-V.F.
Scott No. 10SA; $705. (Image1)
Scott $705

SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction
2168 S    11SA imageHawaii, 1868, 13¢ orange red, re-issue, overprinted "Specimen". Complete sheet of 20, o.g., never hinged; minor tone spot, Very Fine.
Scott No. 11SA; $675 as o.g. (Image1)
Scott $675 as o.g.

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction
2169 o    15 imageHawaii, 1863, 1¢ black on grayish. Plate 4-A, type VI, position 6, full blue oval negative "W&D" oval cancel believed to be a private marking, ample to large margins, Very Fine, ex-Ferrari and Caspary, with 2017 P.S.A.G. certificate.
Scott No. 15; Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.

Est. $5,000-7,500
Will close during Public Auction
2170 ()    20 imageHawaii, 1864, 2¢ black. Plate 5-C, type VI, position 6, without gum, ample to huge margins, Extremely Fine.
Scott No. 20; $775. (Image1)
Scott $775

SOLD for $300.00
Will close during Public Auction
2171     26 imageHawaii, 1865, 2¢ dark blue. Plate 10-A, complete reconstruction of all ten positions, o.g., most are four margin copies, few just in; small faults as always, Fine to Extremely Fine centering, two with Philatelic Foundation certificates.
Scott No. 26; Estimate $1,000 - 1,500. (Image1)
Est. $1,000-1,500
Will close during Public Auction
2172 ()    26 imageHawaii, 1865, 2¢ dark blue, "Broken Toe" variety. Plate 10-A, type II, position 10, without gum, ample to large margins; tiny thin, Very Fine appearance.
Scott No. 26; $350. (Image1)
Scott $350

SOLD for $270.00
Will close during Public Auction
2173 /    29 imageHawaii, 1869, 2¢ red, re-issue. Complete sheet of 15, showing "Standard" papermakers watermark at top, rich color, full o.g. with only one stamp hinged, h.r. in top left margin, rich color; couple small thin spots in margin only, otherwise Very Fine.
Scott No. 29; $795. (Image1)
Scott $795

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction
2174 S    32S imageHawaii, 1866, 5¢ blue, black "Specimen" overprint. Medium serifed letters, rich color, small faults, without gum, Fine and scarce.
Scott No. 32S; Estimate $150 - 200. (Image1)
Est. $150-200
SOLD for $150.00
Will close during Public Auction
2175     32 imageHawaii, 1866, 5¢ blue. Two, each cancelled by matching bold pen stroke, on 1866 double-rate cover to Derry N.H., bold strike of red "Honolulu, U.S. Postage Paid, Dec 10" cds, endorsed "By Steamer from S.F.", combination franking of United States 3¢ rose (65) and 5¢ brown (76), each cancelled by rim of San Francisco target cancel, matching bold "San Francisco Cal. Jan 10" cds, Feb. 1st 1867 receipt docketing at left; left No. 32 torn, minor edge flaws, Very Fine, ex-Honolulu Advertiser, Twigg-Smith.
Scott No. 32; Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.


This cover is from the Fifth Sub-Period of the Late Treaty Period. As a double-rate cover, the 5¢ Hawaiian postage correctly prepays two-times the 5¢ rate, but the U.S. postage was underpaid at 8¢. The sender perhaps thought the rate was only two-times the 3¢ letter rate plus the 2¢ ship fee.
Est. $1,500-2,000
SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
2176     32 imageHawaii, 1866, 5¢ blue. Tied by "Honolulu, H.I. Feb 01, 1891" duplex (day inverted) on cover to Tarrytown N.Y., original letter with content on the death of King Kalakaua (1836-1891), reads in part "…I guess you have heard of the death of our king. It was very sad to think he should die in a foreign land. He went for the benefit of his health and on his return we were gong to hive him a grand reception, and now everything is change into mourning. The arches that were built are now hung in black. All stores are draped and the Palace and Government House are beautifully decoration or at least hung in black. The news was such a sudden shock that we could hardly realize it but when the Charleston appeared in the harbor draped in mourning and the casket was brought from the ship to the palace, the native wailed very piteously and the Queen's grief as she saw the coffin turned the hardest of hearts. She wrung her hand and seemed as though her grief was more than she could bear. I saw the King lie and the coffin given to him by the American Govmnt is very elaborate being heavenly draped in black velvet. He is to be buried next Sunday and will have a grand funeral. I will write again and tell you all about it. We feel very sorry. He was such a kind man, and many secret acts of kindness will be remembered. The present Queen is a more dignified person and will no doubt hold her position well…"; no flap and edge faults, Fine.
Scott No. 32; Estimate $400 - 600.


King Kalakaua (1836-1891) died on January 20th in California. The news of Kalakaua's death did not reach Hawaii until January 29th when the Charleston returned to Honolulu with the remains of the King. As his designated heir-apparent, Liliuokalani ascended to the throne on January 29th.
(Image1) (Image2)


Est. $400-600
SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
2177 ()    37 imageHawaii, 1882, 1¢ blue. Wide horizontal pre-printing paper fold, without gum, fresh and Very Fine, rare on Hawaiian issue.
Scott No. 37; Estimate $200 - 300. (Image1)
Est. $200-300
SOLD for $900.00
Will close during Public Auction
2178     39 imageHawaii, 1882, 5¢ ultramarine. Two singles, tied by black four-ring cancels, matching "Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct 1" cds on 1884 mourning cover to Act. Commander John H. Henderson, H.M.S. Swiftsure at Esquimalt, British Columbia, reverse with San Francisco (10.8) transit and Victoria (10.13) arrival cds; small edge flaws and flap tear, Very Fine and scarce mourning cover use.
Scott No. 39; Estimate $200 - 300. (Image1)
Est. $200-300
SOLD for $600.00
Will close during Public Auction
2179     42 imageHawaii, 1883, 1¢ green. Single and pair, tied by "Honolulu. H.I. Apr 12, 1889" duplex as forwarding postage on Switzerland 10c postal card to Honolulu, Hawaii where forwarded back to Switzerland around-the-world trans-Pacific, endorsed "via Sydney", reverse with San Francisco (3.29, 3.31), Honolulu (4.7) and Sydney (5.30) transits, Zurich (7.5) arrival cds; sender requests "Will you be so kind and send me this card around the world by the same steamer off Honolulu by way of Japan…", Very Fine and unusual around-the-world postal card use.
Scott No. 42; Estimate $500 - 750. (Image1)
Est. $500-750
SOLD for $1,100.00
Will close during Public Auction
2180     55 imageHawaii, 1893, 1¢ green, red overprint. Vertical pair, tied by four-ring cancel on unsealed 1893 buff cover to Austria, reverse with New York (9.25.93) transit and Vienna (10.6) arrival cds, Very Fine and scarce use at the 2¢ UPU printed matter rate.
Scott No. 55; Estimate $200 - 300. (Image1)
Est. $200-300
SOLD for $210.00
Will close during Public Auction
2181     59 imageHawaii, 1893, 5¢ ultramarine, red overprint. Tied by "Honolulu, H.I., Dec 5, 1893" duplex postmark on cover Georgetown, South Africa forwarded to Demerara, British Guiana, manuscript "unknown at Georgetown, Cape Colony" endorsement at left, various Cape Colony and London transit and "Georgetown, B. Guiana" receiving backstamps; cover edge wear and slight soiling, F.-V.F., an extremely rare and unique usage to both South Africa and British Guiana.
Scott No. 59; Estimate $1,000 - 1,500. (Image1)
Est. $1,000-1,500
SOLD for $3,000.00
Will close during Public Auction

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