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US COLLECTIONS continued...

assorted collections and lots by year continued...
LotNo. Symbol Catalog No. Lot Description Est.
441 O Collection of (34) Tax Pa imageCollection of (34) Tax Pa, & Strips, all Used, condition varies, several (6) have small pieces missing and others w/creases. Includes (8) whiskey bottle stamps/B1B, (8) tobacco strips, (13) cigarette and cigar stamps, couple of snuff stamps and (3) oleomargarine (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
442 - SP376//SP999 SP376//SP999, Large Souvenir Page Accumulation, approx (550) pages, generally very good w/cpl of early issues having slight tng. Most pages are in sheet protectors w/about (30) loose, incls SP562-3 & SP837; does not incl SP552 & 552a Cat($1800)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
443 og/nh Canal Zone 69//C52 imageCanal Zone 69//C52, selection of about (45) stamps as sgls, blk/4 & PB/4, VF NH & (1) LH (#152), incls (29) postage (#69//141), rest airmail (C28//C52) Cat($67) (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
444 - Danish West Indies collec imageDanish West Indies collec, Scott Specialty album pages, contains (41) diff stamps, mostly mint, inclg used no's 2, 5e, 6e, 10, 17-18, 28-9, 42 & 47 and mint hinged no's 7, 8a, 18 NH, 21-22, 24-6, 30-6, 40-2, 44-5, 50-8 & J1-3. All F-VF or better (no perfs touching); clean nice lot Cat($562) (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
445 - Guam & Philippines Collec Guam & Philippines Collec, on Scott Specialty album pages, Guam contains (8) mint stamps: OG #1-2, M6-8 & M10-11; & F-VF NH & M9, total cv $47. Philippines contains (1) F-VF used #215 & (41) mint OG & NH issues, inclg #230 OG, 275 NH & C36-45 OG/NH w/total cv $156. Clean, fresh collection Cat($203)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
446 - Hawaii lot on Scott Speci Hawaii lot on Scott Speci, album pages, contains Unused no's 29, 29S, 30b, 34, 36, 58-9 & 62; Used no's 31a, 35, 39-40, 43-4, 46 & 52; mint OG no's 37, 51 & 53-6; and mint NH no. 61, 30b Fine-Avg, rest F-VF to VF-XF Cat($571)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
447 nh Philippines 299//C57 Philippines 299//C57, Remainder group of (24) stamps, F-VF NH (mostly VF), consists of no's 299 blk/4, 386, 411 blk/4, (2) 412 (one a PNS), 416-17, C46-51 (all PNS), C57 & O37 PB/4. Useful lot Cat($21)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
448 - RYUKYU ISLANDS 1//R23 imageRYUKYU ISLANDS 1//R23, EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF ABOUT (290)ISSUES, MOSTLY COMMEMORATIVES, DEFINITIVES, AND AIRMAILS, F-VF LH/NH, w/a couple used, incls Revenues R9, 18, 23; missing #17 and #1-7 are present but a mix of first and second printings. There are a few (2-3) duplicates. Organized collection in mounts on White Ace pages in a 3-ring binder Cat($1080) (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)


LotNo. Symbol Catalog No. Lot Description Est.
449 - Argentina 18//366 Argentina 18//366, Collection on quadrille pages, contains about (550) mint & used stamps, some dups w/mint & used of many issues, plus color shades, imperfs & other varieties. A few better items incl Used #18, 19-21, 24 (2), 87, 89, & 173 and mint #65, 67th, 102, 318-20, etc. CV over $1,900

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
450 - Canada 1260//1544 Complet Canada 1260//1544 Complet, of (6) WWII 50th Anniversary Souvenir Edition Packs, opened but still in film packaging (like new). Very nice commemoration of the greatest generation

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
451 nh Canada Post Stamp Hockey Canada Post Stamp Hockey, Cards (6) Complete Set, VF-XF NH, NHL All-Star Legends 2nd Issue, stamp & label encapsulated on card; all in special display plastic folder (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
452 - China Collection of over imageChina Collection of over, (1,200) stamps, generally F-VF (some flts noted as a couple were torn) & mixed used & unused condition. Ranging from early dragons (#99) to PRC BOB Revolution Issues of the late 1940's. Detailed exam not done so exact range is not known. Group incls China, ROC & PRC issues, contained in glassines, stockbook, stock pages and hinged to homemade album pages. Catalog value estimated at $550 (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
453 - Colombia Collection Colombia Collection, in homemade album, 1923-mid-1970's, mixed MNH, MH & Used w/1,100) stamps, (26) mint S/S's & (2) sheets/25 (both #C566a, cv $60 each), mostly different but w/some dups, some blks/4, gutter pairs, gutter blks, etc. Many topcials & complete sets, plus a few Cinderella's. Mostly catalogued, over $750. ECV $800

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
454 c Colombia 755//C526 Colombia 755//C526, 1966-1970 FDC's (42) in homemade album, all w/official cachets, unaddr; contains #755-788, B1, C481-517, C520-1 & C526. There are four sets of #787-788 & C517 on (8) FDC's, but no other duplication. All clean & nice w/corner mounts

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
455 O FRENCH AFRICA M-U COLLECT FRENCH AFRICA M-U COLLECT, IN SCOTT SPECIALTY ALBUM, pages up to 1964, but most of stamps used & pre-1940. Strength in Madagascar (cv $446) incls no's 10, 16-18, 20-21, etc. Others incl Reunion ($155 w/#9, 17-22, etc.), Senegal ($99 w/#49, etc.), Mauritania ($86 w/mint #J5-6), plus Mayotte, Middle Congo, Moheli, Niger Senegambia & Niger, Somali Coast, Togo and Upper Senegal & Niger. A clean, nice collection, all stamps appear sound Cat($1004)

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Available for $290.00
Closing..Oct-18, 12:52 PM (EST)
456 c Great Britain 821-26 Great Britain 821-26, Collection of (12) Limited Edition Fleetwood FDC's for "Twelve Days of Christmas" Issue, VF, special Fleetwood cachets designed by David Gentleman; also (12) diff pmk's. Housed in a green suede padded cover binder in very good condition, slight staining on front and back covers (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
457 - Great Britain 1859//1901 Great Britain 1859//1901, 1999-2000 Millenium Series Royal Mail Post Cards (39), mint cards w/stamp replicas as the picture and include the 1999 categories of Entertainment, Citizen's Rights, Scientists, Farmers, Soldiers, Christians & Artists; for 2000 incls Above & Beyond, Fire & Light and Water & Coast; total of 39/40, missing 1870 (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
458 - Jersey 1958-1990 Mint Col Jersey 1958-1990 Mint Col, in Lighthouse hingeless album, appears complete mint NH through 1987 w/only a few missing from 1988-90. Contains #1-460, 467-93, 507-15 & J1-46. Also contains #N1-2 1941-2 imperf blks/4, VF-XF NH reproductions; plus (23) complete bklts. A very nice, clean collection. Stamps SCV $529 & new album retails for $310 = $839

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
459 nh INDONESIA 1//119, C1//C61 INDONESIA 1//119, C1//C61, COLLECTION OF OVER (200) OF INDONESIA'S FIRST STAMPS, VF NH, produced by Calhoun's Collectors Society, Inc. and housed in clear mounts on album pgs in a special binder titled "Indonesia's First Stamps". Incls 1-58, 62-90, 92//119 (117-19 being the S/S's w/"Liberation of Jakarta" overprint, $1,175), also incls 65b S/S and 62-65 imperfs). C1-46, 48, 57-61, CE1-4, CO1-16, E1//E1G (no E1F), J1-13, 27//39 & O1//24 (no O14). Beautiful stamps, presented simply on their special pages. A few stamps are loose and need to be mounted. A very nice collection requiring just a little work to fill out the incomplete sets Cat($1788) (Image)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)
460 - Iraq 61, 79//101 Iraq 61, 79//101, small collection of (22) hinged to pages, F-VF, (1) LH (#61) & rest used, 1941-42 Issue missing no. 86 & 95 Cat($29)

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Closing..Oct-30, 02:00 PM (EST)

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