StampAuctionNetwork Audio for all Devices!
Matthew Bennett International

Normally, the audio will start automatically. If you see the play button, then you will need to press it.

If it doesn't work. First press [F5] and then [Control][F5] to make sure you have refreshed all of the scripts. To clear your cache on an iphone read

If the audio drops, it may be your browser, not the stream. Try Pressing [F5] and then [Control][F5] and press the play button to restart the audio feed.... then again -- always check the messages -- they may be on break.

StampAuctionNetwork Audio is supported in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chromium and Google Chrome, Blink-based Opera, as well as all browsers for Unix-like systems relying on GStreamer for multimedia formats support. Safari requires iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

Quick Help. if you can't hear the Auction. First make sure they are not on break. Look at the messages on the "join the public auction" -- verify that they indeed are conducting the auction. Next make sure they do audio. Some companies do not use audio, for example Aldrich and Enchères Champagne Auctions do not use audio.